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dick jones@ 1:08pm 03-13-2018
Melanie@ 8:45am 07-10-2016
Hello, I'd like to get in contact with the person who runs this site. I live in Santiago and I could help you redesign it if you want. The information is great but I think it needs a refresh. We could create a new business directory.
marilyne@ 8:05am 06-19-2015
très bon site pour une ancienne visiteuse qui fait son album bonnes infos .continuez
Jocelyn Jones@ 2:27pm 06-19-2014
Site was fabulous! I would love to come visit in the future.
Stormy Green Wan@ 11:43pm 02-16-2013
Thank you for the beautiful website. I was there about five years ago with my husband, and will be returning later this month with my brother. We are very excited about visiting Santiago.
Las Lagartijas @ 9:31pm 03-24-2012
We would like to be added to your web site. Please contact Don or Barbara via email or 502-5752- 1735. Great Food. GRACIAS!
LAS LAGARTIJAS @ 7:39am 02-10-2012
ANONIMO@ 4:45pm 08-05-2011
Hace exactamente un año...desde España estábamos cogiendo un avión rumbo a Santiago de Atitlán. Estuvimos aproximadamente un mes pero aunque algún día volveré, están ustedes presentes, y su paisaje. No me cansé de observar el lago y aún cierro los ojos y está ahí presente...rodeado de los volcanes. Cuídense!Una persona que nunca olvidará este lugar!Me enseñaron mucho!
valdir piccolo@ 3:15pm 04-27-2011
Fui conhecer Atitlan e adorei a cidade Santiago Atitlan , com seu povo bom e hospitaleiro . Uma comida muito saborosa , dos mayas mesmo , que valeu a pena.
A beleza natural do lugar , por mais que a gente possa dizer e contar , nao se
consegue chegar a descrever essa maravilha , só vendo mesmo !!!.
Tão logo eu possa , irei outra vez e passarei uns dias nesse paraiso.
marilyn@ 12:02pm 02-10-2011
Nice site, good information - but the music links don't work at all, and that little boat is going to drive me crazy!!
Tom Boone@ 11:25am 12-19-2010
Fabulous website. I visited your wonderful village (it was a village then) in 1967 and 1968, following a measles epidemic that killed hundreds of children. I was a journalist from Oklahoma City and accompanied the Okla. governor's wife, Anne Bartlett, on a fact-finding visit because she wanted to raise money for a clinic through the Catholic diocese in Oklahoma City. The diocese sponsored a mission with three priests in Santiago at the time. The town has grown so that I can't recognize it anymore, but the lake is still spectacular. I still have a pair of pants with purple stripes and embroidered quetzals. The people there were wonderful. An American monk who lived in one of the villages across the lake wanted me to come back and write a novel about the area and the people, a la James Michener. I was tempted but never did do it. My second visit was on my honeymoon. My wife was suspicious as we drove from Guatemala City, but she quickly fell in love with the people and the village, just as I had earlier. I'm sorry to see that so many of the struggles still go on. God bless you!
gloria@ 6:27am 08-11-2010
Hola el verano de 2009 los visite y me encanto , lo recomiendo
Bill Muirhead@ 3:01pm 04-11-2010
I bumped into your site doing Google searches re. Lake Atitlan and its people. I think you may find my photos, and what I have to say, of interest. Please have a look at my website: Sincerely, Bill
KArenc@ 12:41pm 03-31-2010
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Horacio Fernández@ 6:51am 02-20-2010
En la primera quincena de Enero de este año 2010 estuve en Guatemala y tuve el enorme placer de conocer el bellisimo lago de Atitlán, navegar sus aguas desde Panajachel hasta Santiago de Atitlán, un lugar paradisíaco, un lugar de ensueño, todo paz y tranquilidad.
Hermosa Guatemala te mando un saludo desde Argentina !!!
Gracias hermanos guatemaltecos, me atendieron y me hicieron sentir de lo mejor !!!

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